South african clothing for black women – fashion

South african clothing for black women – fashion


South african clothing Mitumba (clothing) and international trade of secondhand vesture
There exist non-profit organizations all told western societies that sell used garments to for-profit firms in Africa.

These “white man’s clothes” square measure quite common in some elements of the continent. This used vesture is termed Mitumba in some areas and is encircled by some difference of opinion. Critics purpose to that as a threat to native vesture makers and complain that it exploits customer

South african clothing for black women

Impacts of Secondhand garments

The second user vesture business has left each positive and negative impacts on African society. a way that one would unremarkably not think about is that the merchandising of foreign western vesture.

South Africa, among alternative nations, has created legislation of imported/donated sensible so as to curb the merchandising of the given things.

Zambian cities square measure jam-packed with used vesture markets, that square measure very self-made.

Since Zambians are carrying additional western garments ancient textiles and crafts have looked as if it would become scarce.

These variations in beliefs in used vesture facilitate build African fashion a various topic



South african clothing

These jobs embrace the sorting, washing, re-tailoring and transporting of the garments to the markets. there’s a report that exposed that

South african clothing

However, the other facet of the argument believes that the high importation creates new jobs for the individuals living within the port cities.

South african clothing

In Zambia, secondhand {clothing|article of vesture|vesture|wear|covering|consumer goods} has essentially become a brand new style of ancient clothing to them.


individuals square measure used in jobs regarding secondhand vesture in one market in the national capital, Uganda”.

Another impact that might be argued either negatively or completely, is that secondhand vesture has become additional common to wear than classic African textiles.


South african clothing