Shweshwe1 presents to all hair lovers either ladies or little girls a great collection for blacks. Bantu knots are widely loved and used hairstyle by the African American people for decades. This Bantu Knots hairstyle actually originated from India and is pretty much related to Buddhism. So, Buddha himself would use this hairstyle. A lot of his Bantu knotted sculpture and pics are still noticed in India and China today. So this is a thousand-year-old hairstyle that has become popular in the 21st century. Amon all other ethnic groups, the African American people look lovely with this great hairstyle. Here, we present to you a lot of Bantu knots hairstyles for African American men, women, and kids with you to help you pick the best one for you or the concerned one. So let the discussion start. Let’s have a look at these amazing pics below:


Bantu Knots with Blonde Highlights

Here the normal Bantu knots have been coloured blonde slightly on the edges of the knots. This hairstyle –

– is stunning and sexy

– Helps you have a princess look

– Creates a confident image

– Makes others look twice towards you.

Hair Guarder for Additional Effect

This Bantu knot is a little bit different from the others. The main characteristics of this super cool hairstyle are-

– Cute and Simple

– Stunning and Sexy

– Knots look like flower buds

– Applicable for the kids

– Great in effect and beauty

These are For Kids

Now it’s time to have a look at some Bantu Knots hairstyles for the kids 2019. Most of the Bantu Knots hairstyles are suitable for the kids, men, and women of the African American ethnicity. But we will present some of the Bantu knots hairstyles for kids which are particularly designed for the kids. We are sure that  you will like them as your kid’s hairstyle. These kids hairstyles–

-Make your kids look cuter, smarter and adorable.

– Make your kid confident

– Make your kid prepared for any kind of social gathering

Simple Bantu Knots


Here are some examples of the simple Bantu Knots hairstyle with a little or no modification with the original Bantu Knots Hairstyle. Thechef characteristics of this beautiful hairstyle are-

– Make you simple

– Make yourself presentable everywhere

– Gives you a hassle free and low maintenance hairstyle.


Red Knots with Braids

Bantu knots can be colored this red like the pic. Here the knots are prepared with tiny braids and the upper portion of the head is also decorated with lovely colored braids too. With this hairstyle –

– You will look like a timeless beauty

– You will be gorgeous enough to be a heart attracting magnet

– Anyone will fall in love with this sexy hairstyle

Braids and Beads

Now come for a great combination of braids, beads and Bantu Knots. Here the Bantu Knots are made with the tiny and lovely braids at the same time the knots are decorated with perfect and cool beads. This hairstyle-

– Creates a great effect on your face and hair.

– Make you gorgeous and stunning.

– Bounds the world to bow down in front of you.

– Enchants the surroundings of you.


The Ancient Styles

This hairstyle is the most ancient hairstyle of the Bantu Knots. If you look at the Hairstyle of the sculptures and Pics of Buddha, you will see the same hairstyle on his head. These Bantu knots are tiny and spiky. This types of knots are made with very short hair. The fun part is, this ancient hairstyle is one of the most common hairstyle used by the African American black people.


Huge Bantu Knots

Now, let’s make it huge like the pic. Bantu Knots are always tiny and medium shaped. But in this days the giant or big Bantu knots are seen to be used by many of the black people. This hairstyle-

– Gives you unique look

– Make you different than the others

– Give you the ultimate Bantu Knots effect


Knots Curls and Braids

I know, some of you are missing the curls in the Bantu knots hairstyle. But,there are something good that you can adjust the curls, braids, and knots at the same time in a single Bantu Knots hairstyle. The picture below will clear your confusion about the Curly and braided Bantu Knots.

Blonde Knots

This one is for them, who like the blonde color most. Every hairstyle can be colored with this hairstyle. And now this is the blonde version of the Bantu Knots Hairstyle for the African American female.



Finally,Shweshwe1 Hopes that you will like this collection of Bantu Knots hairstyle Ideas for women and kids.













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