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ankara dresses plus size for African women – fashion

ankara dresses plus size for African women – fashion

ankara dresses plus size – By the word Turkish capital, the sole factor that pops up in mind is that ” Isn’t it the capital of Turkey!

” affirmative, so it’s, however here Turkish capital is that the name of the material that’s worn by Africans.

This material is additionally referred to as “Holland wax,” and “Dutch wax.”

Now let’s advance to the word Kitenge, it’s associate East African cotton material written in versatile shades and styles, that has principally worn by ladies.

the material Turkish capital is additionally remarked as Kitenge because it is one in all the foremost popularly loved apparel these days.

How to Wear Kitenge Turkish capital Dresses Fashionably
Here are some handy recommendation for Styling up with Kitenge Turkish capital Dresses:

ankara dresses plus size for African women

Don’t decorate yourself an excessive amount of, go simple on the jewels because the material itself has the broader and enormous prints;

Such super ar appropriate for each easygoing and by the middle of attention in your school a similar approach you’re at party nights or functions.

Get obviate your typical old fashioned and school baggage and acquire your hands on this giddy mini Turkish capital kitenge backpack that is right a fashionista such as you.



ankara dresses plus size

thus, carrying significant jewelry with it’ll look awful.
Braids or curls is that the most counseled hairstyle with such outfits as they provide an awfully delicate and ancient look.

ankara dresses plus size

this is often the foremost easy nevertheless elegant thanks to wearing Turkish capital prints.

you’ll be able to try the tee below that’s in African floral print with arm and ideal length.


If only 1 piece of your dress is in African print, then don’t merge it with another print, instead, go together with black or white.


Make sure that you simply placed on single tone shoes as you may have gotten the concept that the Kitenge Turkish capital could be a written, thus putting on some muti-colores shoe over it might ruin the complete outlook.









ankara dresses plus size