Shweshwe1 presents to your Little boy a different kids of  haircuts that are beautiful and stylish. So, any parent, you have to go through a lot of choices to get a haircut for your little boy. The African American parents usually want their boys to look cutest, and most sweet that the other boys whether he is in the school , party, street or anywhere. But the parents are always in dilemma of choosing the right hairstyle for their kids. In this article, we will help you choose the right hairstyle for your little boy by presenting these hairstyles in front of you. So let’s get going.


Sponge for Hair
This hairstyle named as Sponge for Hair is a recent addition to the hairstyles list of the African American black little boys. Here, the side of the head is faded away and the top of the head is decorated with curls like a sponge. And that is how this hairstyle is named. This hairstyle is fit for both schools and in any place.


 Curly Boy


 Mohawk More


Curly Sponge Curl Haircut Before and After


Toddler Boy Haircuts


 Braiding for Boys


Kid Styles Starter Locks -Comb Coils


Starter Lock Second Visit


 Black Boy Twist Haircut
This hairstyle is one of the most recent additions in the black boy’s hairstyles list. The short length hair is shaped twisted and the presentation is almost invisible. The sharp surrounding is also a magnetic part of this hairstyle.


Little Boy Cornrow Braids
The Cornrows, the traditional hairstyle for the African American people is suitable for everyone irrespective of the age and gender so you can choose the cornrows braiding hairstyle for your lovely boy kid

Gelled With Skin Fade


Afro and Braids
You can combine the Afro and braid hairstyle for your African American boy. The front phase is decorated with three Afro knots and the back side is with the tiny thin braids, Awesome huh?


Turtle for Black Kids
This is a very popular hairstyle among the African American black kids. The cornrows braids are shapes as a turtle here which is totally insane and crazy in look.





 Afro for kids
The Afro cut is always a smart choice for the black kids. This boy in the picture has worn an afro hairstyle with insignificant curls with a little color. As a hairstyle, I suggest your kid be styled this way if you are planning a haircut for him recently.


 The Smart Kid


The Curls


The Cute and Simple





Fade and Thunder


The Colorful Fade
This is the last one. The sides are faded beautifully and the top [ is covered with layered locks with highlights. This haircut gives your boy a matured look which brings out the inner confidence and smartness in your kid.